Operation Photo Rescue
“Insure doesn’t restore memories… but we do”


Desde 2006, um serviço global de voluntários que se dedica a restaurar fotografias danificadas por desastres naturais. Porque em geral tudo o resto pode ser recuperado, mas as memórias que vêm ao olhar para fotografias precisam ainda muito desse suporte material. Ainda hoje, quando se pergunta a alguém o único item que traria da sua casa em chamas, a resposta continua essencialmente a ser: o álbum de fotografias.

 A global service of volunteers dedicated to restoring photographs damaged by natural disasters, working since 2006. Because usually everything else can be recovered, but the memories that come from looking at photographs are still very much depended of their material support. Even today, when you ask someone which would be the only item rescued from their burning house, the answer continues to essentially be: the photo album.

Artigo e Vídeo / Article and Video:

“Insurance can replace homes, furniture and automobiles in time of need. However, photographs, which are important pieces of a family’s history, are unprotected. Operation Photo Rescue (OPR) is a volunteer network of professional photojournalists and amateur digital photographers, graphic designers, image restoration artists and others. OPR’s mission is to repair photographs damaged by unforeseen circumstances such as house fires and natural disasters at no cost to the people who own them.”   (